The World Eve Left Us - reviews

We will not soon forget the destiny of these three deeply moving heroines.



THE WORLD EVE LEFT US (TROIS FEMMES) --- the classic bestseller in France... one of the great literary works about women, and living proof that the author Boston Teran is not a man...FAB 40... The world is the Bronx of the 1950's to the 1970's.Two women, one an unedjucated Italien, the other a survivor of Nazi barbarism, give their lives to raise a deaf girl named Eve, guiding her from unedjucated waif to profound artist. A modern Pygmaion of and about women ... What we have here is a magnificent portrait of wounded but combative women and a portrait of the Bronx... a beautiful hymn to solidarity, profoundly moving...MATCH... THE WORLD EVE LEFT US is an important work. It is a plea agaisnt injustices which overpower the weak ...NOUVELLE... One of the most singular authors in contemporary literature...THE WORLD EVE LEFT US is armed with the phantoms of Faulkner and Tennessee Williams...imagine THE DIVINE COMEDY or THE ODYSSEY by way of Abel Ferrara..LES OBSEDES TEXTUELS Tough, strong, moving ... in biting and inspired language an extraordinary plea against the injustices that are dealt out to the very weakest. We will not soon forget the destiny of these three deeply moving heroines …Delphine Peras

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